Welcome to the new comic. It will be updating Tuesday nights at Midnight (start of Wednesday technically). New page each week. If you like it consider becoming a Sponsor on Sponsus to see pages early (as of writing this already have the first 9 pages done).

Elevator pitch.

See the life of Madelyn, an 18yo girl fresh on her own in new apartment through the eyes of her adopted reptiles, lizard Char and frog Poli. Char has the hots for his new human owner, Poli… is just a bit strange. Influenced by the cartoons of my childhood such as Ren and Stimpy, AquariYum will be a corny and sexy time and fun for the whole fam- Oh wait no, not the whole family. Won’t be porn, but expect regular fanservice, some crude humor and lots of covered nudity so fun for those 18+.